About leather & hand crafted product.

About leather & hand crafted product.

The difference between Full Grain Leather and Top Grain Leather

In our daily life, almost everyone use's leather products, and everyone knows Top Grain Leather and Genuine Leather, right ?

Quick notes;

1. Full grain leather = best quality across the board.

2. Top grain leather = second best quality.

We use full grain leather sourced in Italy and the USA.

Notes: Our stitching is hand crafted and only the very best marine grade threads are used. The hardware is all solid Brass with some of it nickel plated, depending on your product choice. The patina on all our leather products becomes more beautiful with age and usage.

As is known, leather is from an animal, Their living environment determines the quality of their leather. Beyond that, the animal's diet and nutrition Impacts on quality.

full grain leather

We will compare their differences in the following aspects.

1. The quality of the leather

Full Grain Leather is considered among the best quality leather available.

Top Grain Leather is the second high quality leather.

Italian Vegetable Tanned Full Grain Leather2. The material used.

Full Grain Leather is the choice of many because of it's natural quality. Its like the first press of the grape !! In addition, full grain leather is obtained from the top layer of the animal’s hide, this is the strongest and most durable part of the animal. 

In most cases, there are some imperfections on an animal’s skin, so we have to remove a slight section of the upper skin, if the animal's skin is thicker, the craft workers will cut it into two parts, and the upper part which has high density fibrous tissue will be processed into top grain leather. Top grain leather is very durable.

top grain leather3. Machining process.

Full Grain Leather can be treated by transparent aniline dyes, but we can still clearly see the pores and grain features of the pelt. 

Top Grain Leather: After removing the upper layer of the animal’s skin, the leather will be polished.

4. Characteristic's of this leather.

A: Air permeability: Because it’s processing is less and the coat is very thin, Full Grain Leather is better than Top Grain Leather in terms of air permeability.

B: Surface texture: Full Grain Leather with it's intact grain surface, means the pores are clear, small, compact, irregular arrangement. The surface is full and detailed,with it;s rich flexibility. The surface has a layer of natural wax. The clearer the surface the higher the grade.

Top Grain Leather retains most of the natural style, the pore is more elliptic, the hand feeling is harder than Full Grain Leather. It's surface treatment leaves it free of blemishes.

C: Full Grain Leather is softer than Top Grain Leather, it will beautify with ageing.

D: Top Grain Leather can not be dyed, but Full Grain Leather can.

brown full grain leather5. The price of the leather

Full Grain Leather is more expensive than Top Grain Leather because of it's scarcity and quality.

6. Usable range

Full Grain Leather is mainly used for making top quality leather bags and accessories.

Top Grain Leather is widely used for making high quality leather bags and accessories.

I hope this little piece has helped you understand some of the important points when you are considering a purchase.

Hand crafted leather products using the best materials available are not the cheapest options, but are the sensible ones, as these products will last you a lifetime and increase desirability with age. The lovely patina and smell of real leather will of course grow on you, go on make your purchase you will not be disappointed in either the price or quality of our product.

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